Over the years DJ Bravo have had the privilege of being hired by Clients from all walks of life. Bravo gives his all at every gig; whether it's an event with 2000 people or an event with 50 people. His enthusiasm to please his Clients and keep their guests dancing has always been applauded. Below are some reviews from previous clients. Feel free to contact them via phone or email to verify the reference.

These are actual references;

DJ Bravo Reviews

  • Rating

    Two Thumbs up!

    DJ Bravo is one of the best in the business.

  • Rating

    Great mixing!

    He play all types of music; Top 40, House, 70's, 80's, 90's, Hip Hop, Latin, Remixes and more

  • Rating

    Any Event, Any Location!

    Clubs, Lounges, Bars, Stadiums

  • Rating

    Don't look further

    Bravo is simple the best I have ever heard.

  • Rating

    Just remarkable!

    DJ Bravo played at my Wedding and it was worth the price; his mixing was phenomenal.

  • Rating

    He is really a total Pro.

    DJ Bravo was well dressed, clean cut, very professional and his music was awesome.

  • Rating

    Best in the business

    Rated number one by his clients and fans.

  • Rating

    My rating, 5 stars!

    When you hear him play, you can tell he is serious about his craft.

  • Rating

    Just perfect!

    Great DJ, Lighting, TVs and Bravo is very good.

  • Rating

    DJ Bravo was good!

    My Sweet 16 party was Awesome.

  • Rating

    Our DJ for life!

    He plays at our pool party every year in New Jersey.

  • Rating

    My DJ Bravo!

    I couldn't have asked for a better DJ.